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A. David Roeser (known simply as Dave) became interested in writing while in middle school back in mid-1980's, but he took a long and somewhat unconventional route before getting into novels.

Initially, he mostly just wrote out little poems -- some comical, some serious, a few romantic ones here and there -- but it was also around this time that Dave started learning to play guitar, and by the time he was in high school, he was playing in bands. It was an easy transition to go from simple poems to song lyrics. Well, maybe not that easy -- writing words is one thing, singing those words is another. But as he and his band mates wrote more and more songs, writing lyrics did become easier for the styles of music he was playing.

Early on in his music endeavors, fellow musicians introduced him to local filmmakers - independents, amateurs and students -- and he began working with them on their film projects. Mostly used as an actor at the beginning, Dave eventually gained their trust and started assisting them not only with background music, but more importantly with storyline development and script consultation.

Since most of these filmmakers were always looking for new ideas, he began writing screenplays in hopes that one (or more) of them would go into production. However, his screenplays were considered to be too elaborate for an indie film budget, and he did not like the idea cutting his stories down to fit those budgets, so he just sat on them waiting for the right opportunity to come along.

But without the Hollywood connections that only a few people have, Dave realized that his stories, which he had been sitting on for over a decade, would go untold unless he took a different approach. That's when he decided to convert those screenplays into novels, and the novel format allowed him to expand on the storylines even further. And in addition to his screenplay conversions, he is also working on new ideas for future novel releases.

Today, Dave lives with his second wife and their two daughters in the Pacific Northwest, and writes as much as a father with two active girls can.

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